We have one fundamental principle, and all that follows is only a reflection of this single simple principle:

No individual or couple is more important than the ronda.


For us, a tango dancer who improves the ronda is a good dancer, and a dancer who makes the ronda beautiful is better than a beautiful dancer.   

in a little more detail . . .

The tango códigos have been around for about a century because they work. They help maintain a courteous and respectful mutual sentiment in the ronda and in the social setting of the milonga


Juntos is a community milonga in an intimate space reserved for closed-embrace tango,


where there is a dress code,


where we find a partner by mirada & cabeceo,


where we begin to dance when the couple ahead begins, or enter the moving ronda only with permission of the approaching tanguero  as we are asking to enter their line of dance,


where we dance with and for the ronda, and with and for our partner, dancing appreciatively in accord with our partner’s ability,


where we move only in our lane, with our feet on the floor, leaving equal space for the couple ahead and behind,


where we acknowledge any collision in a friendly way, and make sure we don't cause a collision again if it was our lack of consideration or lack of skill that caused it,


where we clear the floor at the cortina, escorting the women back to their tables, and then stay off the dance floor until the next tanda begins,


and where we all share the responsibility of maintaining these codes and the magic of this intimate and joyful community experience.


If a person isn't following the códigos, we assume they aren't familiar with them, and have a gentle chat. Sometimes we need to have more than one chat, hoping we can help the person/couple see what's needed in terms of consideration for the ronda. This usually does the trick when the person is wanting to dance socially. If they don't want that, or can't do it, it's best they give Juntos a miss.



Be respectful and you will be respected