Your commitment is one of kind & repectful care of your partner

and of all present, both on and off the dance floor.


  • Use the cabeceo/mirada to ask for a dance, as a less subtle approach can offend.
  • We leave space behind the tables and chairs so you can get to you next partner without walking on the dance floor.
  • Enter the dance floor by cabeceo exchange with the approaching tanguero - after all, you are asking permission to enter his line of dance, and your mutual cabeceo tells each other your tangueras are safe.
  • Dance only in your lane without overtaking. This requires the ability to sometimes dance in a circular way in a small space - from limitation comes creativity.
  • The centre of the dance floor is free of dancers. Some milongas set aside this area for escenario dancers, we don't. 
  • If in the outside lane, dance right into the corners. If you cut the corner then the person dancing next to you in the inside lane is in trouble. 
  • Minimize any back step that is against the line of dance.
  • Don’t lead high voleos, flying ganchos, or stage manoeuvres. 
  • Escort your partner off the floor at the end of the tanda.


And today, those other men out there are your best mates,

so follow them around carefully and stay halfway between them.



tangueras y Tangueros 

  • You accepted the mirada or cabeceo, so dance together at your partner's level until the tanda ends.
  • It's best not to assume to teach or correct your partner.
  • Acknowledge any collision in a friendly way, no matter who appears to be responsible.
  • Leave the dance floor during the cortinas so people can use the mirada/cabeceo.
  • Begin dancing when the couple in front start, rather than holding up the ronda by having a chat. 
  • Steer clear of the dance floor when you’re not dancing - we leave room behind the tables for you to walk around the hall.
  • Shoes are on the floor, not in the air.
  • Share your chair and your table as well as your tango. 
  • There is a dress code: no jeans, trainers, cargo-trousers, t-shirts, et cetera.



The códigos are there for you.

Please help & encourage others to follow them if they aren't.