We have  DJs from all over the shop, and we've found - unsurprisingly -  that the character and personality of the DJ have a significant effect on the character and personality of the milonga, so DJ's are selected with care. We like DJs who are looking to have a conversation with the dancers. The music played will be from the mid-1920's to the mid-1950's - so 'La Epoca de Oro' with some La Guardia Vieja as the DJs see fit - arranged in tandas in T T V T T M / 4 4 3(or 4 vals) 4 4 3  format, with clear cortinas as people clear the dance floor for the mirada/cabeceo. 



2015                                    DJ

Sunday January 10 Paul Strudwick
Sunday February 8 Ricardo Peixoto
Sunday March 8 Marek Szotkowski
Sunday April 12 Lynn Collins
Sunday June 14 Mabel Gomez
Sunday July 12 Diego Doigneau
Sunday August 9 Nick 'El Oso' King

 Friday September 11 - Sunday 13                       Bristol: Juntos co-hosts Una Mirada Encuentro - 5 DJs

Sunday October 11                                               Silvia Ceriani - DJ at Salon Canning & La Catedral

Saturday October 24th                                          Juntos  co-hosts with Bailar   Husky Mary's - La Tercera  

                                                                              Double Milonga in Henley- DJs Nick King & Ricardo Peixoto

Sunday November 8 Mabel Gomez
Sunday December 13 Céline Deveze, France

The result . . .