Daniel Garcia, the great milonguero, has danced in the milongas of Buenos Aires for more than sixty years. He has danced to the live orchestras that we can now only find on cds. 


El Flaco learned tango the traditional way, by watching at the milongas night after night since boyhood, and by dancing and training with other men. He never had a tango teacher, and copying his friends was deemed disrespectful, so Dany dances his own style of tango, but he does so with full reagrd to the traditional tango códigos (codes of behaviour).


El Flaco liked the idea of a traditional milonga in London. Over a coffee and cake in Bucharest, he said that "the spirit of traditional tango" could be "hard to find" in London's milongas - "care and respect for the woman, respect for the other couples on the dance floor, (and understanding) that tango is more a culture than steps." 


Dany was and remains very supportive and proud of the creation of Juntos, a traditional milonga in London. And he was adamant it would require a dress code, the use of the mirada/cabeceo, a supervised floor, and a warm social atmosphere where respect for the ronda is primary. These requirements are a part of Juntos, as El Flaco wished. 


Dany and Lucia Mirzan came to London and danced for our tango community in early 2013. As a mark of respect for our milonga, for the second time only Dany wore the tuxedo given to him by his beloved friend Gavito. El Flaco and Lucia are, and will probably remain, the only people to give a performance at Juntos. 

 Dany attended Juntos again on March 9th 2014, and was very happy to see this milonga, first only a conversation over a coffee, now established and thriving in London.