Husky Mary's the first - What the people said ...

A really fabulous, well thought out and pure quality event. Thank you all xx

Loved all the details and the care taken - thank you for a very enjoyable afternoon and evening. 

Thank you all so much for the hard work you put in to make it such a high quality event. Lovely bunch of people on top of all the other good things! Xx

More than my fair share of the sort of tanda that you spend weeks daydreaming about when you should be working. Thank you ladies! And thank you to Husky Mary and her team of organisers and DJs for setting up the perfect conditions for it to happen!

Thank you all, we were really, really well looked after in all departments.

Lovely, lovely event .... THANK YOU!!! You guys are the BEST!! Thank you again x x

Thank you Susan Hayes Krissy King Paul McDermott Nick King and all the team, we had a wonderful evening at Husky Mary's and thank you Mabel Gomez for the lovely music.

Lovely day! Great music, dancing, company and FOOD! Thank you for all your hard work Paul, Susan, Nick and Krissy and gang! Xxxxxxx

Absolutely agree, both the tea dance and the milonga were fabulous. Lovely venue. Thank you everyone  xxx

Husky Mary's: ... Fantastic event, fantastic organisers and team, fantastic everything. Thank you for the warm welcome and making sure we were well looked after.

Wonderful day in barrio NW6.

It must have been so much work, but boy did it pay off We were fed so often I felt we must be on a cruise!! 

Loved it all. Thankyou for being the perfect hosts x