How to join Juntos

The membership of this tango club is fully managed by the members, so if you'd like to join simply do this:




Get a current member to bring you along to Juntos one Sunday - they need to  accompany you, sit with you,  and show you the ropes -  so we can all see how we get on, then let us know if you want to join after that . . .



  1. Get two of our regulars to sponsor you. They will send us a message about your tango sensibilities - your technical ability is secondary as long as you can navigate the floor well and keep your feet on the floor.  
  2. Then request to join the group on the facebook page here , or if you've successfully resisted facebook then email us here

Once in the group you'll recieve notifications of events which you can book for at  


We aim to keep membership reasonably small, and aim for our milongas to be uncrowded with a reasonable balance of tangueras and tangueros.