J U N T O S Milonga Tradicional

Come and enjoy this space for MILONGUERas and MILONGUEROS.


Cash on the door.

We are open for any Juntos MEMBER.

Members can bring non-members as long as they take full responsibility for their friends knowing and following our códigos.



  • The second Sunday of the month
  • Doors open at 1:15 for Juntos Milonga 1:30 - 5:30



The Amadeus Centre

50 Shirland Road

Maida Vale

London W9 2JA




Maps & Directions are near the bottom of this page.


More information on the hall can be found here.



No worries as parking is free in Maida Vale on Sundays - you can park in resident's bays and on single yellow lines but do check the signs. See information on travel below.


The people who enjoy Juntos are those who enjoy,  support,  and are happy to take responsibility for maintaining a culture of care and respect for one another on and off the dance floor.  If you are a member introducing someone to Juntos,  you need to accompany them and be accountable for their behaviour - so only recommend someone who will add to the beauty of the ronda.


Tables & Seating

We can have more people than chairs & tables, so you need to be nice and share.  

You are free to sit anywhere you like.

You're not free to form a man-throng anywhere in the hall.


Dress Code:

The tradition was to dress for the milonga - this was greatly impressed upon me by our patron Daniel 'El Flaco Dani' Garcia. At the same time Juntos has the feel of a neighbourhood milonga, rather than a central city one, so all we ask is that there are no jeans, t-shirts, track suits, et cetera. It's nice to have the opportunity to dress up a bit, so enjoy it.  It would be a shame to travel to us and find you’ve managed to exclude yourself. 



It's provided for your use, is free, and we ask you to leave all coats, luggage, large bags, and backpacks there so that people can move around behind the tables freely to socialize.


Non-dancing young people up to the age of 16 are free,  other non-dancers pay £6, and either way need to be accompanied by a member. 



  • The music presented is that which a milonguera or milonguero would be happy to dance to.
  • The music will be from the mid-1920's to the mid-1950's ( so 'Golden Age' with a bit of la guardia vieja) arranged in tandas in  T T V T T M / 4 4 3 (or 4 vals) 4 4 3  format with clear cortinas.
  • We reckon the character and personality of the DJ have a significant effect on the character and personality of the milonga, so DJ's are selected with care. 


Sound System:

There is a permanent built-in 360° professional sound system in the Upper Hall, designed and installed to take best advantage of the acoustics. The renovation of the building has recaptured the high fidelity acoustics with which the grand Upper Hall was first designed to house its impressive pipe organ.  The hall is effectively sound insulated and particularly lends itself to the superior requirements of orchestral and vocal music - it is used by The London Symphony Orchestra, The City of London Sinfonia, The Taverner Concert Players, The Britton Sinfonia, The Consort of Musick, the Monteverde Choir, and many more.  



  • Lighting is arranged to promote the mirada/cabeceo, with unintrusive spot-lighting directly over the tables but not directed towards the dance floor.
  • For each milonga we hire a canopy of pea lights that hang tent-shaped over the entire dance floor, and add additional fairy-lighting to highlight certain areas of the room.
  • On two sides of the hall large elegant windows with stained glass borders provide wonderful natural illumination.
  • In Summer sunlight pours in through the high windows, and in Winter the hall gradually darkness until we are cocooned under a canopy of lights.


Floor Supervisors:

As milonga organisers we have a duty of care to all who attend Juntos. Our códigos are there for this purpose only,  and they are not just wallpaper - we back them up, in a friendly, respectful and clear way.

We feel just as strongly that all who attend Juntos have a duty of care towards one another - All are responsible for All.


Like everyone present, the Floor Supervisors want to do nothing except enjoy a safe, smooth and happy milonga. If needed, they will address any problem. If one of then has a chat with you, please engage your ears before you engage anything else.


Café :

  • David will be downstairs baking cakes, and that’s where the fresh coffee and tea is. It is David's café and his own project and runs while Juntos is on.
  • Cakes are £3.50; fresh filter coffee and teas are £1.
  • BYO alcohol if you wish, and you can collect glassware from David – please return it to him before the end of the milonga. There is a good wine store directly across the street that is open when we are open.
  • If you want David to bake your favourite cake for the next milonga, ask him.

Public Transport :

  • Near London’s Little Venice we are a pleasant 15 minute stroll from Paddington station (half along the canal):
    • on disembarking, instead of exiting the platform past the front end of the train, go up the stairs that are about halfway along the platform
    • then take the Hammersmith & City Line exit
    • in one minutes you'll come to the tube station on your left and see stairs going up to the Grand Union Canal on your right - go up those stairs
    • turn left and keep the canal on your right - past restaurants & Starbucks and the pub and shops and under the A40 flyover and through a canal tunnel and now you're in Little Venice (with the island in the middle), and after another 100 yards the path splits and you go up the ramp on the left that goes up to the bridge
    • turning right onto the bridge, cross it and follow Blomfield Road along to the left (see map below)
    • after a few hundred yards it snakes down to the right and at the roundabout at the bottom of the rise turn left onto Shirland Road 
    • The Amadeus is a couple of hundred yards alone on your left, just before the traffic lights.
  • Less than 5 minutes walk from Warwick Avenue tube on the Bakerloo line.
  • Buses that stop 15 seconds from our front doors: 6 (Aldwych/Willesden), 187 (Finchley Road O2 Centre/Central Middx Hospital), 414 (Putney/Maida Hill).
  • Buses that stop at Warwick Avenue: as above plus 46 (St. Bart's/Brent Cross).


Driving from the West or South:

  • It's 3 or 4 minutes off the A40
  • Come in to Paddington on the A40 the easiest & fastest route in
  • Take the Paddington offramp and you're almost there 
  • go left at the first set of lights
  • carry on, veering slightly left as you go through a couple of sets of lights over a low bridge to the roundabout 
  • first exit left 
  • up a slight rise to enter next roundabout on your right
  • first exit left and go straight along Warwick Avenue (past Little Venice on your left, past Warwick Avenue tube station, then a couple of blocks) until Sutherland Avenue
  • left onto Sutherland Avenue
  • left onto Shirland Road and you will see the blue building on your right


Driving from the north

Your satnav will try to take you down the A5/Edgware Road - for past misdeeds to computers - don't do this. Instead do the following because it's much much faster ...

  • From the M1 take the off ramp towards Brent Cross and ...
  • then head onto the Finchley Road ( as it is MUCH quicker than Edgware Road) . . .
  • through Swiss Cottage to St John's Wood (you're only a couple of minutes away now)
  • drive past St John's Wood underground station on you left and one block more turn right ...
  • that will get you down the hill to Sutherland Avenue ...
  • turn left onto Shirland Road and the Amadeus is there immediately on your right.

"If Carlsberg did a Milonga, I bet it would be this one!"


"... an oasis of beautiful tango in London."


"When all seems lost, Juntos comes to the rescue! Many special thanks to everybody that made this a wonderful, wonderful afternoon. That dose of tango should last me for a while..."


"That ronda felt like the eye of the storm that was blowing outside, peaceful, safe, but you could still feel the energy!"


"Thoroughly enjoyed my first Juntos experience. Thanks to the entire Juntos team for bringing together such nice dancers and nice people."


"Thank you for this lovely afternoon, that warm and welcoming atmosphere, and all the positive energy. I am very grateful for the nice tandas I had, and can't wait for next month! "


"Another lovely afternoon at Juntos ...... Thank you again to the team for all the hard work and thought that goes into to each and every event."


"Thank you to the team for another lovely afternoon of Tango. Such care taken to making the whole experience one of joy for us all. This is how it should be. Thank you to the other dancers for making the ronda a place to enjoy ..." 


"Fabulous venue/organisation/hosts/coffee and cake/dancing/dancers/music/company. Did I forget anything/one?"


"Thanks so much to the Juntos team for creating a place where this magical thing can happen."


"Thanks ... for your hospitality as a newcomer. You've set a benchmark - ... Great space and ambience and can't imagine a better floor. Good leaders all very polite to each other. Well done!"